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LIVE ON THE EDGE of NoDa and Uptown Charlotte

Be Inspired by Your Apartment, Arts, Food, Neighbors and Environment


Nom Nom. Where else in the city can you get wasabi cotton candy-covered shrimp on a stick or the city’s best fish tacos and salted caramel brownies? No where, that’s where.


Imagine riding your bike up to a neighborhood brewery like NoDa, Birdsong or Heist. Or settle in to some fine wine and local music at Dolce Vita. Or stop in where everyone knows your name at Growler’s Pourhouse. Need something different? Grab a cab uptown to Charlotte’s bevy of clubs & bars.


Grab a ticket early for your favorite band as they perform at the Neighborhood Theatre. Or live spontaneously and drop into the Evening Muse or Chop Shop for a music set, or watch a show from CAST.


You’ll love how we roll here. Not only do we have a run club sponsored by a brewery, but we have a Sunday morning group ride, a popular YMCA, outdoor pool in Cordelia Park and even the cutest little rose garden you’ve ever seen.


Just about every place in NoDa showcases original art- from Espada bikes to the bakery to the wine shop. Even the residents have original art on their bodies! So it’s no surprise the “arts district” of Charlotte has a popular Gallery Crawl the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the warmer months.


You don’t have to travel far fro Edgeline Flats on NoDa to get to anything. In a couple years, you’ll be able to hop on the new blue line of the Light Rail! But for now, it’s just 3 blocks from I-277 and Uptown Charlotte, to a couple short miles to NoDa and Plaza Midwood, it’s a short ride to whatever you want.